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Is it just me, or does Sweetie Belle look a bit TOO similar to Bon-Bon?

Don’t all ponies look the same on that respect?

Dear Miss Cheerilee,

I must ask you this important question, it's been gnawing at my brain for a good month now, are there other planets besides the one Equestria is located on, and what exactly IS the name of the planet Equestria is on? All I could see in the night sky are stars until my new telescope comes in.

The Scientist

The name of our planet is…



Well, we don’t really have one. I don’t really know. There are no other planets with life in our galaxy, and our planet isn’t named. We just call it Our Planet, I suppose.



fine. is Snails "Special?"


Cheerilee, when it comes to ponies, I respect you the most. I mean, you're smart, responsible, you have a really caring personality AND a sense of humor... You just seem like a wonderful mare...
Ahem. Anyways, is Scootaloo your little sis? I read on one of her old G3 descriptions on her profile that you are. Is it true?

Why thank you!

Scootaloo isn’t related to me, no, but she’s quite sweet. I tutor her in math over the summer…

What rhymes with "tyranny"? I'm writing a speech.

"Celestia is a fantastic leader."

Does being a teacher is a good job?

Well it has it’s downsides.

Like the fact I just took a red pen to my computer screen for bad grammar.

Is Equestria a country, world, province, et cetera?

It is a country that takes up the majority of our world.

Twilight is 'more of a “burping, giggling and dancing” drunk.'...

Isn't Twilight maybe a bit young to be getting drunk? And yes I know she saved the world but here you can be old enough to vote, get married, fight and die for your country, and not be old enough to buy beer (which is a bit silly imho but they didn't ask me, and I wasn't old enough to vote at the time they made the law.)

Hmm maybe Equestria is like Germany or Japan in that regard...

Actually, Twilight Sparkle is twenty-one, so she hasn’t gotten drunk very often. “Party” drinkers often are…well…burping, giggling, and dancing drunks. 

And she can vote, get married, and…well there are no wars, so she can’t really fight and die for her country.

So, where did you get your knowledge of Alicorns from?

Years of studying Royal Family Line history.

And then, when you returned, all teachers were slammed into a class to integrate you into our studies.

They gave out free donuts.

Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka.

A filly of exquisite taste.

Well, we can’t claim that I don’t have a good time.